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Whether you're trying to stop using opioids for the first time or you're ready to try again... it's not a time to go it alone. Together with a doctor who understands opioid dependence, SUBOXONE Film can help you manage your physical symptoms and cravings, allowing you to work toward your recovery. It's your life. With a complete treatment plan that includes SUBOXONE Film, counseling, and support, you can begin to take it back.

How Treatment Can Help getting ready for treatment managing your ongoing treatment
What is Suboxone?

There are four important things you can do right now

As a person with opioid dependence, you have a long-term condition that may benefit from medical treatment.

Opioid dependence can be treated with medication plus counseling and behavioral therapy. With treatment, you can begin to manage your dependence and reconnect to the things that matter most. Take action now by taking the first step.

There are four important things you can do right now

Managing your ongoing treatment

Once you have your prescription for SUBOXONE, you'll need to make your treatment fit your daily life. Setting up a routine can help. And, to make your treatment as successful as possible, you may want to work with your doctor and counselor to:

· Set treatment goals
Identify and manage risks
Create a plan that can help you avoid the setbacks that can occur even when you're in treatment